Preschool Sports 

Spring 2019 Registration 

Our Pre- School Sports Program is a fun way to help your little ones start to develop listening skills, team work, and the basic rules of soccer and t- ball. We split them into two groups and rotate through soccer skills and drills and then t-ball practice. The kids will practice ball control, shooting, and the basic rules of soccer. In our t-ball program they will learn how to bat, run the bases, throw, and catch. At the end of our practice we do a fun parachute or large group game to promote team work.  


Preschool Sports- Soccer and T-Ball

When: Fridays May 17th –June 7th 

Time: 9:15-10am

Cost: $20 for 4 , 45 min classes

Where: SAU Field (behind town tennis and basketball court)

Preschool Sports Reg Fridays


Preschool T-Ball

Tuesdays, May 14-June 4th 2019


EES Field

Cost: $20 for 4 , 45 min classes

Preschool TBall Registration











If you are looking for beginning and advanced team sports related programs for children ages 5+ please visit the Epping Youth Athletic Association (EYAA) website at